More than 10 million visitors , is the fourth highest quality porn site online after xvideos, xnxx and pornhub. As of july 2020, xhamster was the 20th most visited site in the world. Stars. The portal has been targeted in malicious advertising campaigns, and xhamster has been blocked by part of the government as part of a larger anti-pornography initiative on the internet. 1 story2 website 2.1 https2.2 safety 2.3 sex education2.4 product story2.5 censorship2.7 celebrity involvement2.8 covid-19 pandemic2.9 lgbtq 2.10 illegal content 3.1 annual reports3.2 views and millennials At the beginning of the 21st century, russians oleg netepenko and dmitry gusev, publicly known as alex hawkins[2], decided to create a new adult video service [1][4] and xhamster were launched on april 2, 2007.[5] xhamster was conceived as a social network; the spokesperson said that the site's content organization scheme was intended to allow “people who wanted to chat, exchange erotic photos and share amateur videos … Find mutual friends online and quite likely find partners who are interested in intimate relationships.” Having surpassed 10 million users three years ago, xhamster has become the third highest quality porn site on the world wide web after xvideos and pornhub. In may 2016, xhamster launched the sex factor reality show, where members compete for the chance to become a porn star.[6][7, eight] Xhamster restricted free access to its site and removed content removes political issues regarding the lgbt group and rape culture. The site banned users with ip addresses from north carolina in april 2016, after the state passed a law preventing counties and cities from enacting lgbt protection laws.[9] in response to the people v. Turner business sexual harassment verdict, xhamster introduced the “brock turner rule” to ban rape videos, including porn with an unconscious partner or hypnosis. After an e-mail leak from the democratic national committee in the present day, xhamster offered debbie wasserman-schultz a role in a pornographic film for $50,000 with a bernie sanders doppelgänger.[11] During a total solar eclipse 21 august 2017 xhamster reported a significant decline in site usage in the states. In cities like nashville, tennessee, visitor numbers fell 43%. Charleston, south carolina and portland, oregon saw drops of 36% and 35% respectively before eclipsing them back up to 85% in charleston and 63% in portland. Cities outside the path of totality experienced less drastic pathologies in these localities, like new york and los angeles, the number of viewers decreased by 15 percent percent % percent percent%.[12][13] In august 2017, xhamster sent an email. Sense8 creators lilly and lana wachowski to host the third season of sense8. Sense8 originally aired on netflix, which intends not to renew the season. Lana wachowski stated that the games for the third season were created in the hope that some of the poker players would pick up the series. In a letter to the wachowskis, alex hawkins stated: “xhamster has a long history of fighting for the rights to intimate speech and deviant sexuality. Use such audiences to speak out against repressive anti-lgbt relationships in the states and out of state, as well as for sex education in federal schools, family planning, and sex workers' driver's licenses.”[14][15] Stormy daniels was the most searched pornstar on xhamster in the first quarter of 2018. Traffic to xhamster.Com increased 5% in america and 7% in washington dc during her 60-minute interview with anderson cooper, senior vice president. President hawkins concluded that the organization had “rarely seen much like this” before. The most popular words on xhamster. That this sort of term is associated with the spanish sexual harassment case la manada prompted xhamster to confirm that porn showing the alleged crimes of the five men accused had never been published on his portal.[18] By fall, newest xhamster launched a $25,000 xhamster fund for women to expand content in the site's “lady videos” category.[19][20][21] according to feedback from xhamster vp alex hawkins, the goal of the fund is to increase the availability of porn that women viewers love to watch and eliminate the mismatch between customers, 25% of them identify themselves as women and 95% of the content of the site assigned to the male audience.[19][22] entries were judged by “a rotating team of female judges made up of fans, pornstars, correspondents and xhamster staff.”[21] beginning september 1, amateur filmmakers and women identification experts can apply for grants ranging from $500 up to $10,000. Films will be available without payment and without interest from xhamster.[23] while other major porn sites have recently been looking to appeal to female viewers, xhamster appears to be the first major porn site to offer a cash incentive for doing so.[24] In september 2018 web the site has released an interactive online map guide called “new york city's legendary porn theaters” that highlights extremely famous video locations in 1970s new york city. A substantial number of these sites were shut down by city officials in the 1980s and included porn movie theaters, massage parlors, and bookstores for the big ones. , Xhamster released data showing that website traffic from puerto rico was down one-fifth of its pre-hurricane levels.[26] vice president alex hawkins said the lag in viewership indicated that the country, contrary to some officials' claims, had yet to return to pre-hurricane standards of normalcy, including uninterrupted contact with electricity and privacy.[26] Associated with right-wing youtubers, reddit groups, 4chan memes, and the pseudoscientific health benefits of abstaining from sex videos and masturbation, #nonutnovember (or #nnn) is a viral abstinence “campaign” or monthly “challenge”. Was launched in 2017.[27][28][29] although xhamster reported a small drop in user traffic from the end of october to the beginning of november 2017, they also announced a slight increase in traffic to the portal in november of this year; alex hawkins attributed this to the increased public awareness of masturbation in november. This year, xhamster launched a nutty november counter-campaign called “nutty november” which they promoted with the #yesfap hashtag. On november 6, the web site posted on google's twitter account that models were receiving hate messages and well-crafted death threats in response to its counter-campaign, even an image that read “pornographers must die.” in the 'photobomb' stunt at the 2019 golden globes, kelleth cuthbert, lady and dealer for the fiji water brand, went viral on twitter, appearing behind the actors on the red carpet multiple times. Cuthbert was seen carrying a tray of fiji water bottles behind the likes of jim carrey and jamie lee curtis. On twitter, xhamster offered brand ambassador fiji cuthbert a $100,000 contract to “keep potential performers completely dehydrated.” , The site offered all fired government employees access to an assortment of premium pornographic content. In categories focused on certain fetishes or erotic preferences plan. Users uploading content choose from a number of established categories. The most valued category, “amateur”, includes more than a third of all videos posted.[36] in the us, popular gay uploads include “big bums” and “bare back”. In oregon, the lowest time spent watching gay porn is 1.5 hours per week, while in european virginia it is 3.3 hours per week. In the new year, xhamster found that 20% of its viewers were watching porn with a partner.[38] the proportion of female visitors is 26% with an upward trend.[39][40] in 2017, the site stated that female visitors increased by 2two.4%, but the most popular us searches were “parents” globally. Still on valentine's day, xhamster collected materials on the search preferences of women, sorted by us states. In seventeen of the 50 states, female porn was the most requested category.[43] in addition to pre-recorded videos, users get a chance to watch live broadcasts of paid models; the model can be matched with multiple callers via online chat. Equipment can also activate a “recommendation” button, which allows readers to give models additional tools. In 2017, xhamster, along with other leading adult sites, began accepting bitcoin as payment. The platform added a “night routine” which, when activated, switches the site to the background in low light. Approved in 2017, xhamster uses an ai model that scans them on a personal site according to the wishes of individual users.[48] in response to the growing demand for tech content, xhamster has created a virtual reality platform to publish the possibilities of using technology online in the porn industry.[49][50] in august 2018, the website was ranked seventh on daily dot's list of the ten coolest free porn sites across the world wide web.[51] Xhamster also contains several news features. Tapes.[52] members have detailed profiles, including their profile picture and laminate, as well as the work added there. The content has a comment system and expert viewpoints, and users can interact by adding others as “buddies” or by subscribing to outside content. Security settings will allow users to design for their clients various parts of the account visible only to selected individuals, filter personal posts and block certain requests.[52] visitors can also verify themselves by submitting a photo of themselves with their username, which stamps that profile.[52] Unlike the most sought after social networks such as facebook and youtube, pornographic sites many additional legal regulations and constant social stigmatization.[53] the onezero described above, published by medium, “unpacks” many of the legal and civilized discrepancies between la's silicon valley and the 18+ valley category, noting xhamster's “aggressive content moderation” regarding uploading videos to the site. The xhamster video download process involves ai. Content review, regular staff review, and “the legion of volunteers […] who view uploads in exchange for rewards on the site as well as on the community body,” alex hawkins told onezero in november 2019 (medium). Xhamster's user chats are also monitored over time to ensure they are compliant with the portal program.“ . Responding to a question about xhamster's policy on deepfake videos, vp hawkins said that although the company does not have a specific deepfake policy, it will remove such videos after it becomes aware of them because they violate the principles site operation.[54] ] Https In january 2017, xhamster became popular on major adult sites using https encryption. Https guarantees the simplicity, protection against malware and the integrity of the exchange of information.[55] alex hawkins said that one of the reasons for using https was the claim that xhamster accepts hundreds of thousands of players from countries and cities where pornography is banned.[56] Security In april in 2013, conrad longmore, a cybersecurity researcher, discovered that xhamster and pornhub were being attacked using malicious ads. In september 2015, xhamster suffered another malware attack along with youporn and pornhub. Traffichaus reported that this could be the result of a hack.[59][60] on november 28, 2016, it turned out that the usernames, email addresses and passwords of 380,000 users had been stolen. Restrict unauthorized access to user information when submitting viewer data to marketing and analytics groups.[62] while these security measures do not necessarily preclude the possibility of linking the browser's “fingerprint - and ip address” to the user's personal identity, xhamster shows that it does not fully identify actively people, unless someone sorts out to “provide more personal, identifiable information.” ”. .[62] Sex education In response to such a nuance that using the services of the late winter of the seventeenth year, utah legislators rejected the sex education bill, xhamster started posting a popup. Visitors from utah by inviting them to watch the xhamster sex education series the box. Rejected house bill 215 would have allowed parents to provide their beloved offspring with more comprehensive sex education than utah's abstinence-based sex education, but it was opposed in favor of encouraging sexual behavior and allowing children to be taught how to have sex. . The author of the bill criticized the trend of transferring sex education to pornographic sites[64], such as xhamster and pornhub.[65] Government money. The post reads: “porn stars and fans alike depend on expanded reproductive rights, contraceptive control and budgetary sti screenings, as well as unbiased sexual health education.”[66] Product . History In november 2016, the firm launched its own beer, xhamster beer. The beer is a belgian triple ale with an abv of 8.5%. At €3.90 for 0.55 liters, it sold out within a few days.Motion-sensing bluetooth device that uses infrared to monitor a room and alerts the computer to close all windows and sound when an intrusion is detected.[68] In june 2017, xhamster released a sex doll called xhamsterina in partnership with the manufacturer idoll.[69] Since october 2017, xhamster has been launching a product campaign aimed at “owners of the bunkers of the apocalypse”. On receipt, owners receive some of the company's products and videos for free.[70] Censorship Xhamster has been blocked by various governments. By september 2015, the indian government ordered isps to block several resources in particular xhamster, according to the it home office. In russia, a local court in the “republic” of tatarstan ruled to block xhamster and other pornographic resources in april 2014; a year later, this decision was referred to roskomnadzor, the federal media watchdog. Set content filters to limit “obscene” material. However, free speech organizations have opposed attempts to include porn sites that list xhamster, which had 125 million clicks from thailand or 95 million clicks from users in turkey, where the site is banned.[75] Another attempt at censorship relies on a violation of net neutrality, where governments can limit bandwidth for different categories of the internet. Alex hawkins of xhamster stated, “as a global company, we regularly see restrictive governments using regulatory tools, such as traffic regulation, to restrict access not only to porn videos, but also to political speech.”[76] in september of this year, the government of nepal announced a ban on pornographic web resources in response to public outcry over the rape and murder of a young nepalese girl. A couple of weeks later, xhamster published a chart showing how traffic to her site from nepal has bounced back after a slight dip in traffic.[77] india blocked xhamster again at the end of 2018.[78] when discussing porn industry news, both xhamster's data on nepal and the site's aliexpress content data after china's ban on porn in 2018 resulted in an 81% decrease in chinese visitors to xhamster's website. 80] As a move to promote “healthy relationships, sex, and consent,”[81] the british board of film classification (bbfc) announced in january of this year that it would require resources hosting pornography . Like xhamster to implement “strict” third-party age verification[82] before entering the network.[83] this legal measure was calculated to restrict access to the pornography network to only viewers of legal age, which in europe is the eighteen-year-old threshold. An alternative to directly verifying one's age is the chance to buy a “porn pass” from a certain seller - in europe, and this provides an opportunity for viewers over 18 to verify their age anonymously.[82] In addition to criticism of technical problems and privacy threats[84][85] uk regulations, porn purveyors, producers, actors and civil rights advocates state that underage porn exposure goes hand in hand with the very broad societal problems that this act left unresolved.[83] ] perhaps this is due to the planned date for the introduction of the film rule in england, 15 july 2019, the number of xhamster views has increased dramatically in europe in previous months. -Age verification rules, uk minister of culture jeremy wright announced at the end of the june of the new year, as, apart from the delay, he fears food, that the acceptance and adequacy of national age verification rules will differ markedly from country to country, in general “as in pre-accession europe the weight”. “.[87] In january of the coming year, utah representative brady brammer sponsored a bill requiring a “warning label” on “adult content” to inform potential viewers of perceived dangers related to [88] salt lake city-based fox 13 reported that the “warning label” concept was “modeled after a california toxic food warning label.” Xhamster “trolled” the utah legislature by adding a label visible to all utah viewers that reads: “warning: porn use may well lead to reduced stress, increased happiness, and lower rates of teen pregnancy, divorce, and sexual assault. However, this is only for those 18+.”[88] ] on february 18, 2020, the utah state legislature passed this proposal into law.The court has since this year required subsidiaries of mindgeek and xhamster to request age verification. Four companies refused to require proof of age, and kjm banned the use of mindgeek's website servers entirely. The ruling was due in late summer 2021, adult porn producer and subsidiary of private media group, inc.[91] fraserside and private said that xhamster violated their copyrights by sharing copies of their 18+ material online. Fraserside brought an issue in iowa, and for 2012 judge mark bennett found that the us courts do not have jurisdiction over xhamster purchases due to the fact that it is a cypriot company that “has no offices in iowa, no employees in iowa, no telephone numbers in iowa [;] . .. Xhamster does not advertise in iowa[;] no employee or director of xhamster has ever visited iowa[; and] …All xhamster's servers are located outside the united states.”[93] Celebrity involvement As part of xhamster's marketing course, everything often posts jobs to celebrities or persons of temporary public interest. In november '17, xhamster offered julie briskman a job on her own marketing and social media team via twitter after she was fired by her old employer. A woman drew attention with something that snapped her finger at us president trump. Passing by his motorcade on bicycles. [94] [95] after pusha t accused rapper drake of dissing child abandonment, xhamster noticed a more than 2700% increase in searches for alleged mother and former porn star rosie. Divine, at the end of spring this year, after the release of a diss track, divine was offered a place as the official representative of xhamster. Profiles, in messengers.[98] In september this year, alex hawkins, speaking for xhamster, confirmed that they had bought an intimate film purporting to depict american actress alexis arquette, which was put up for delivery former lover shortly after her death. Xhamster destroyed all copies of it, stating that “ms. Arquette was an icon and activist in the trans community and we couldn't see anyone tarnishing her memory because that's what the sellers did their best to do.”[99] In february '17, xhamster held an audition for us president donald trump, trump's relatives and trump's cabinet doubles. The winners will get roles in porn parodies. Alex hawkins said, “the american public will only need quality parodies of a mom and dad video that will enable them to understand the ever-changing landscape of their executive power.” In early spring 2017, john brutal, a dialysis worker from minnesota, was selected as the winner of a competition to fill the role. Senator ted cruz, xhamster discovered his doppelgänger, searcy hayes, and offered her 10,000 bucks to play the ted cruz look-alike. .Kelly, xhamster reported a 388% increase in searched word combinations linked to r.Kelly since january 2019.[105] the film lifetime chronicles the arrest, trial, and acquittal of r. Kelly on charges of possession of child pornography between 2002 and 2008. 'Infamous' sex video censored by website xhamster predicts how a hip-hop artist engages in a sexual relationship with a minor and urinates on her. Girl. In an attempt to reprimand viewers looking for sex videos, xhamster denounced the story search as “illegal” and “immoral”. Xhamster stressed in a public statement that the search for the video could even be “the re-victimization of a minor who failed to consent.” This year. On twitter in late spring of this year, xhamster defended the rapper's right to keep the images out of the picture. In an interview with the blast in may of this year, alex hawkins said that the popularity and control of stolen photos is “a violation of iggy's rights.” Hawkins also stated that xhamster “has contacted iggy azalea's management team” and will “increase patrolling of [xhamster] iggy and related keyphrases and ask our group to alert us where they find photos.”[107]A few years after leaving the porn industry, mia khalifa remains the most serious of the most extensive female chicks on xhamster with well over 780 million views, according to a 2019 washington post article.[108] khalifa is best known with everything on screen where she wears a hijab, which has drawn public criticism and even death threats from the terrorist organization isis.[109] At the start of the global covid-19 pandemic, xhamster offered free premium access until the end of march to virus-affected locations like tehran, iran; daegu, south korea; wuhan, china; the regions of lombardy and veneto in northern italy; and adeje, canary islands. Microsoft issued an announcement on its official twitter account with the slogan “stay protected with xhamster”.[110] in march 2020, vice reports that xhamster witnessed an “irresistible surge” of new subscriptions from you in the cities and regions mentioned above, which “surpassed xhamster's ability to approve new accounts”.[111] How due to the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, coronavirus-themed porn began to appear on xhamster and other streaming sites in early march 2020. Orders at the dawn and mid-2020, many sex toy retailers, live streaming sites and streaming sites announced record traffic and sales. Coupled with this boom in lockdown circumstances, there is a marked shift towards amateur production on paywalls such as xhamsterlive, fancentro and onlyfans webcam sex.[112] this shift resulted in higher profits, flexibility, and creative license granted to performers. User trends reported by xhamster vp alex hawkins. According to hawkins, while the propensity for traditional sections of porn, such as milf and incest tabletop indulgence, has declined, the demand for public sex scenes, kissing and adult content has become attractive due to the coronavirus. Hawkins attributes this to a desire to watch porn that reflects current social issues and predicts that trends will return to normal once the pandemic is brought under control. Lgbtq In in honor of pride month in june of the year that began, the site hosted a three-day live fundraiser inviting activists, artists, porn workers and lgbtq content creators to submit 15-30 minute segments of content. The content was promoted on fb, vk, instagram sites, and through its pride stripchat partner, and each proceeds were donated to trans and fuck workers charities sylvia rivera law project, sex workers outreach project and rainbow railroad. Illegal content Until 2021, illustrations and videos could be anonymously uploaded to xhamster.[116] vice reported in 2020 that, according to first-hand research, xhamster used unpaid, untrained and anonymous volunteer moderators who argued over the rule of what criteria can be used to identify a minor in porn material. Xhamster explicitly asked volunteers to skip content that was in doubt about its legality. Xhamster switched video moderation to paid employees, refusing to comment on the reason.[117] User trends In september 2018, the website published seven mostmost famous and popular porn categories among female site users, the top three included “cunnilingus”, “vibrators” and “pussy licking”.[118] From october to december of this year, xhamster reported an increase in the number of requests user word combinations for the term “grinch” by 10,000 percent. Coupled with the widespread popularity of holiday and film pornography, alex hawkins credits the recent hollywood remake of the grinch with a dramatic increase in searches.[119] The site has reported an upward trend in robot porn searches since 2016 to the beginning of this year, which clarifies the growing craze for realistic sex dolls. Teen porn is however also referred to as a fetish spontaneously. In search of actress maisie williams and the name of her character, arya stark.[122] Based on xhamster's survey of 50,000 respondents from over 150 countries, cosmopolitan reported in late spring of the newly launched year that “the ideal dream woman is a 25-year-old, 5'5” eurasian bisexual woman referred to as “shi yume”. [123] this alleged “ideal” woman has blue eyes. S, straight, dark, long hair, “average” body size, “totally shaved” genitals, and not a feminist.”[123] In 2019, xhamster reported a 100% increase in searches, related to piracy, between 18 and 19 september. [124] the sudden popularity of pirate-themed searches, most frequent among users of mature 18–35 years old, is especially associated with the europe-wide “talk like a pirate” day, which is declining. Sep 19.[124] After the release of joker last year, xhamster vp alex hawkins announced a nifty“ 1300% increase in searched word combinations for “joker”.[125]In a survey of 100,000 xhamster users conducted this year, the company found that viewers who identify as women are younger, more sexually volatile and spend more time on porn than users who identify men, even with less frequent viewing.[ 126] Amid the 2020 black lives matter protests, select, published by vice, cited material published by xhamster that reflects the surge in the appeal of police-related pornography .[127] information that proves that the popularity of search queries such as “cop”, “police” and “prison” grew by 39% in america and by 25% in the world between the first week of may and the first 7 days of june. Reportedly favor the model introduced by vice as part of a broader study of the racial and societal dynamics of cop porn. Annual reports Based on 2018 viewing trends. , Xhamster predicts that the number of female viewers will increase by more than forty percent today.[128] while searches for gay, bisexual, and “heavy” women are on the rise, web traffic for queries like “redhead” and teen” is plummeting; xhamster says these changes are strongly linked to the rise in female viewership and fucking viewing among millennials, who are “less porn-ashamed than any generation.” Viewed on mobile devices, which can account for roughly two-thirds of all xhamster views.[129] While xhamster site viewing trends signal an increase in free porn consumption, this install is coupled with an increase in the purchase of “premium” services .[129] many new xhamster user accounts have also skyrocketed, indicative of a push for private “camgirls” and other “niche porn services.” In his 2019 digital sexuality report, xhamster claims that there is a “direct” statistical correlation between frequent porn use and bisexuality.[130] the survey focused on viewer data of “more than 11,000 users from the united states of america and found that the proportion of average men who identify a company as gay or bisexual is seven times larger than that of americans who identify a company as lgbt, according to the data research. 2018 gallup poll In addition, viewers who self-identify as gay or bisexual are more likely than heterosexual to self-identify and watch erotica on a daily basis. Xhamster suggests that these higher rates of pornography consumption among members of the lgbt community may be due to lower stigma associated with watching porn, coupled with strong baseline support for deviant forms of “healthy” sexual expression.[130] thanks to these trends, xhamster reports that less than half of all self-identifying female viewers are heterosexual. The same study found that, in some sense, half of all moviegoers consider themselves “very” or “somewhat religious.”[131] religious viewers are twice as likely as non-religious viewers to spend up to a thousand us dollars on live camera video.” In xhamster’s 2019 end-of-year report, the company found that more than two-thirds ( 71.49%) of all site traffic was received from various devices.[132] after all, 12% more than in 2018 and is associated with an upward trend in amateur and amateur porn produced on portable devices. The report also states that the site currently has over 100,000 videos on sale, 1,400 videos are downloaded, and 30 are downloaded every sixty seconds. “The shift from studios to performers-producers” is “dramatically changing the industry” which encourages more “realistic” situations and natural body types in this mobile-generated one. Xhamster's year-end 2020 report found that terms such as “natural boobs and real homemade images” and incidents such as voyeurism and public sex have “experienced substantial growth” in recent years.[133] coupled with the rise in the manufacture and consumption of portable porn, there is now an increase in the range of short-length porn clips, often only one to five seconds long, that are migrating to content hosts like reddit and sites like snapchat. The social media platform tiktok offers zones to access short clips of softcore and sometimes hardcore amateur pornography. While nudity is officially banned on tiktok, the platform's monitoring algorithm isn't perfect, which often results in pornographic content being made public hours before it's removed from time to time.[133] Porn and millennialsIn a forbes article on historical events in the porn industry, xhamster is noted as follows: in 2007, she became a pioneer in organizing free online streams or “tubes.”[134] with the rise of “tube” sites, fears have spread that pay-per-view is the death of the industry.[135] millennials have been blamed for reports of a decline in the net worth of the american porn industry. As pay porn has moved from professionally filmed tapes to amateur clips and streaming video, the number of views of paid sex videos hasn't waned. The february 2020 mashable above states that millennials are, by the way, “significantly more than spending older people.” Consumer trend data began to show that millennials […] Were willing to spend even more on movies, shows and music than previous generations.” About twice as many as retirees” and hosts more than fifty percent of paying “premium” xhamster consumers“, prompting hawkins to argue that “millennials can be the saviors of the porn industry.” Alex hawkins believes with xhamster currently on the market with nearly five million user-tagged videos, broad search terms are ineffective for finding specific scenes and videos, while a category filter search engine can be more successful. In an interview with mel magazine this year, hawkins said that the organization of the xhamster account is both paid and free, “helps ai bet ter recommend you new scenes from your previous viewings and videos that you liked or disliked, [. ..] Keep track of certain producers and stars, build your collections and search for new content as efficiently as possible.”[138] Internet pornographylist of chat siteslist of video hosting siteslinks

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Retrieved april 11 this year. “Xhamster will not charge viewers for content they order. “Our company doesn't ask for content to be exclusive to us, and people don't ask for even small rights to it or control over it,” says hawkins. “We just want to reward modern and enjoyable filmmakers. We want to encourage users who might want to share their fantasies to do so.” Lampen, claire. “Xhamster is launching a fund of 'porn movies for lovely ladies' to help female id filmmakers get you.” Bustle digital group. Checked. April 11, 2020 “it should be noted that pornhub, the next huge video site and competitor to xhamster, recently announced a similar site change. Noting a surge in female audience growth, pornhub announced in february that it would be renaming its “for women” category to “in demand by beautiful ladies.” He also asked visitors for suggestions on what kind of content they would really like to see. However, pornhub did not throw money at creators, so xhamster seems to be breaking new ground in this respect.” Kaplan, michael (september 11, 2018). “This card allows the client to take a trip through the lost porno palaces of new york.” New york post. Retrieved may 4, 2020 a b frauenfelder, mark (september 19, 2018). “According to the bandwidth of porn consumption, puerto rico continues to suffer from a lack of electricity and network access.” Boing boing. Retrieved may 4, 2020. “Porn is a unique indicator of recovery because it will be able to measure more than just access to power and the internet, but also privacy. After virtual news resources, games of erotic content are one of the first things users look for when they get regular access to electricity and the world wide web … The fact that our confectioners see is inconsistent with certain statements by officials that represent a complete regeneration in puerto. Rico. It also refutes allegations that puerto rico's power grid was unstable before the storm. Humanity still sees a completely different landscape on the island from the one that our organization hears on the news.” A rolling stone. David lay, ph.D. A clinical psychologist and sex therapist who studies pornography and mental health, saw the meme after tweeting his critique of no nut november, calling it “a creepy little smorgasbord of hate driven by insecurity with misogyny and homophobia combined.” Manavis, sarah (november 20, 2018) “no nuts november: anti-masturbation internet challenge takes ominous overtones” financial review australian financial review retrieved may 4 2020 cole, samantha “may it be the last nutless november” vice by weiss media group retrieved may 4, 2020 moser, andy (november 30, 2019) “no nut november doesn't really have an impact on porn traffic.” Mashable. 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We are familiar with how many visitors, conservative and liberal, visit our site from utah - it seemed like the perfect way to let them know what is meant by the government trying to censor.” “. Salt lake tribune. Retrieved june 4, 2020 “germany is about to block one of the world's most reputable porn sites.” Wired uk. Issn 1357-0978. Retrieved july 28, 2021 ” complaint and jury demand.“ Booklet alarm. Retrieved january 2, 2017 “memorandum of defendant's petition for dismissal.” Booklet alarm. Retrieved january 2, 2017. “Fraserside ip llc v hammy media ltd and the like.” Retrieved january 2, 2017 bowerman, mary. “Woman fired for giving trump finger gets $70,000 like donations and job offer from porn company.” Usa today. Retrieved october 5 2018 morris, chris “strangers throw money at woman who gave finger to trump” luck retrieved october 5, 2018 elder sajae.”Porn site offers baby drake's intended mom a job to help support her son“. Difficult. Retrieved october 6, 2018. A. 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A b bakar, faima (september 19, 2019). “International talk like a pirate day gets horny people looking for pirate porn.” Davies, daniel (september 10, 2019). “Since the joker movie was developed, the search for joker-inspired porn has skyrocketed.” Male well-being. Silver, curtis. “Xhamster polls show women are effective porn connoisseurs”. Forbes. Retrieved june 7 of the coming year. “It turns out that men are easier to please with free content. Women are more selective and take pleasure more seriously.In a certain sense it reflects the fact that people are seeing with the new generation. They know the relative disadvantages. “Free” stories and, paradoxically, more willing to pay. This, of course, turns everything we think we know about the industry on its head.” (Alex hawkins) cole, samantha (july 31, 2020). “Why does police virto-sluts still exist?”. Www.Vice.Com. 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Checked june 6 this year. “Search is better to use if you’re targeting a specific star or a very specific niche […] But the most popular porn viewing terms like 'stepmom', 'daddy' or 'japanese' are so vast and populous that they're often ineffective. Everything is tagged as such by users because they are popular search queries. […] Since the xhamster collection is uploaded by users, we have little control over titles or descriptions. However, our artificial intelligence and support team can tag videos with appropriate categories. This implies that searching for “milf” is often less efficient than using “milf” as sections and then adding additional categories like bbw, bbc or bdsm. , Throughout the need. […] If you're looking to find the real scene, adding filters such as “high quality” or “specified duration” will immediately help narrow down the selection to higher-level clips. […] And also, if you' when you are planning an adventure, turn on 'recent videos' or 'most viewed filters'. If you only want to acquire general terms, it's less productive - ai is great, but its usage can't read your mind.”

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